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Strangers on a Mission: Get a String Over the Fence

Met these folks late one night whilst out hanging art posters in the neighborhood.

Because it "isn't done alone," I asked for help getting a string up and over the high barbed wire fence and wound up making an interview / commercial for filmmaker Jonathan "Chickendust" Seidman and his film "In Heaven there is No Fear".

I believe this film fits the criteria for vlogme05 because the aforementioned string was part of the Toolkit of Love(tm) that I carry at all times.

To join the Vlogme 05 revolution, read the (Manifesto) and post your email address to the comments to become a contributing member...

See, at one point I heard the music and thought, oh no, there's been music added... then, I heard the door beeping, and I realized it was playing from the car, and I just broke out in laughter. Love the beeping car door, too. Very cool moment.
It was the music methodology made me think of this exercise for vlogme05.

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