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Evilvlog Walkabout

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I'm almost embarassed to admit it, but I'm getting pretty addicted to using screencasting software to create videos. Something about directing the audience through the web with the cursor can be a pretty powerful genre of.. of whatever you call these things. Screencasts are rarely trying to be anything more than just instructional. I think it has its place with the Squares, but its become my favorite tool for recontextualization. A place to redirect the eye to what I see on the web, in this case a trip through Evilvlog which lands me at a video here.

There was a NetSquared meeting at my house the other night. Enric was there and said he only watchs vlogs on his ipod. I can't imagine doing that myself, but its nice to create content that can travel. Kairsten can watch my videos on her phone. Odd and creepy and wonderful at the same time.

Anyway, CLIK for Quicktime Video

Joan Jaffee Dances

I always danced when mere walking would have done, so glad was I of life, so full of health. --Josephine Demott Robinson

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ZZZ 11 Nov 05: The House of Vlog, Vlogfather

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ZipZapZop.com vlog is a video blog podcast of news, music and entertainment for the Brave New World, hosted by Clark Saturn, video hosted by Blip.TV, dude.
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Today's topics:
Naked Friday was usurped today for this important message from the Vlogfather, regarding the House of Vlog.

Vlogme05: Mysterious Island

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Kids and pumpkins-- ya just can't beat it.

big man dance

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This was a silly project for my old vlog that was interupted by a phone call from work and never got finished.

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Gavel Klonk

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Hiya, folks!

Well, today I'm working on a website for some lawyers, and I want to make the major links on the homepage, they have gavel rollovers already,Gavel but I want to make them go "KLONK" when you click on them. So this afternoon, I went around the kitchen using the back of my cleaver on various pots and pans and whatnot to make percussive sounds that I thought might work. I used my video camera to record the sounds, so here ya go. The last four "KLONKs" in this video are the ones that I'll be using.

NB; I'm attaching a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license to this piece, so if you happen to need any klonk sounds for rollover gavels or anything else whatsoever, hey, by all means use these until your little heart's content. With my blessings.



My Veoh Show

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