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vlogme05 - freaks at the beach

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one day every year, the freaks take over the beach.

To join the Vlogme 05 revolution, read the (Manifesto) and post your email address to the comments to become a contributing member...

Oh, ms-ing kitten, know and love the Hungry March Band! Great to see them again.
girl, i got so much footage of the hmb, im thinking of doing a full tv show on just them. they kick so much ass...
second and third that! I heart hmb! I used to go to the mermaid parade and wait for hmb to go by then jump in and join in the march to the sea! I always loved how they march straight past the end of the parade, up the ramp, across the boardwalk, across the beach straight into the ocean and then continue to splash and play and dance and party all about! yay! (but alas, i missed it the last couple years...) thanks for the footage, mariah!
my pleasure! ill see what more hmb stuff i can dig up next week.
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